For my Juxtapose I decided to use two different photos of myself to display that what you see isn’t necessarily what you get. We sometimes in our life time encounter people with with different personality, who aren’t necessarily bipolar but are simply shady or contradicting. We encounter people with “onion-like” personalities, where the more you peal through (get to know them better) you discover that there are many layers to their truths. You end up not knowing the person totally and that is why in my opinion there are so many people getting divorced. It’s because after marriage that is when a person starts revealing their core or actual personality.

You witness a marriage/relationship where a person has an affair with someone who is identified to be out of the approval of his/her family. That is why many people who are in the close only come out once the marriage/relationship is over because they realized that by them building so many personality layers of they will be avoiding having to face the fact that they are homosexual.

Please note that this very short blog was not meant to call anyone out but was written so that people could be vigilant of the type of situations. In order to avoid Juxtapose relationship, I would advice you to please gather and be in tune with who you are. Don’t let the sigmas of society to choose your path because at the end of the day you are going to be the one who is suffering, while the are gloating over you.


P.S: Lots of love…20180522_084448[1]


Author: Gunshort's diary

I am a creative thinker, writer and critic.

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